Official name

United Armadian Naval League of Defense




Alexander Phantom

Strength and status

Growing, rather strong


"You may die for your country. It is better to live for it"

A basic descriptionEdit

We are the United Armada League. We are a strong navy that defends the United Government of Armadia. We are merciful however, don't backstab us or invade us.... for we shall NEVER forget.

Rules Edit

1. Don't cuss or be rude

2. Ships must have UAS prefix. Preferred colors are royal/navy blue, and dark gray or black.

3. Don't post other people's ships

4. Only Admiral and above can declare war

5. Attacking and claiming land can be voted on but is ultimately approved by the Admiral of the Fleet

6. Only members of this navy can edit this page (unless you're adding a category)

7. Have fun and build cool ships!


1.) Name or RP name

2.) Kinds of ships you'll be bringing

3.) Hack or no?

4.) Basic Battle tactics (If you don't know, look it up on the Internet) We want to know this so that you don't charge in with 30 destroyers expecting victory

Alert StatusEdit

1. Total Peace

2. Relative Peace

3. Suspicion ===CURRENT STATE=== There is a group called Uprising Retaliation. They attacked us.

4. Tension

5. War


Admiral of the Navy

 Alexander Phantom- Veteran skipper and tactitian, he is the head admiral of UAL


Vice admirals

Higher Rear Admirals

Lower Rear Admirals


Allies and enemies Edit







The Rebellion

Non Agression and Trade relations

Formations may vary.

Colt Formation: Armored ships form 2 small lines of battle, lighter ships patrol the flanks while the carriers form a half circle linking the battle lines.

Wedge Formation: Armored ships form a wedge as carriers form behind them.

Battle wall formation: Every ship that isn't a carrier forms a line. The carriers are protected by the line and light ships and submarines, either harass ships or patrol the flanks.