The Crusaders
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The Crusaders Mercenary Fleet

Fleet Admiral

Arkady Kovochuck



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We are the Crusaders, we will attack anything for you, as long as it's approved and you have the money To pay for it. We attack fast, and we attack them hard. We also don't take kindly to traitors and spies. If you really want to find out what I do to them? Piss me off. Oh, and if your wondering who I am? I am Arkady Kovochuck, the founder, and the current leader of this fleet


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1. Obey superior officers

2. Only conduct your own attacks (Start one) when you have permission from the Fleet Admiral, or at least 2 Admirals.

3. All ships must have the prefix CNV, unless your using the name of the ship class.

4. Applications can only be accepted by Fleet admirals. If He/She is not present, the Older Admiral (Been in this navy the longest) can accept/decline the application.

5. Declaring of war can only be made by the Fleet Admiral, unless the other navy have made Many attacks against us.

6. Claiming of land owned by an inactive/destroyed navy requires Fleet Admiral's permission. And claiming unclaimed land requires the Fleet Admiral's Knowledge.

7. Demoting can only be done by the fleet admiral.

8. Keep your ships in your own fleet. Do not post into other people's fleet. And do not post other people's ships unless You're given permission.


Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Level I: currently at peace.

Political Relations




Ranks and Members

Fleet Admiral = Arkady Kovochuck (CaptMCDerpington)

Admiral = Trinity Winter (Ficus7), Alexander Stukov (Ej2333)

Vice Admiral =

Rear Admiral (Uppr) =

Rear Admiral (Lower) =

Commodore =

These next ranks can only be obtained if your demoted, or if there's too many people in the ranks above.

Captain (Can command 8 ships at a time) =

Commander (Can command 6 ships at a time) =

Lieutenant Commander (Can Command 4 ships at a time) =

These last ranks serve under any members above the rank of Rear Admiral (lower)

Arkady's Fleet
Trinity's Fleet
Alexander's Fleet

Fleet Registory

NOTE: feel free to add you ships here.

Class Name/class Ship Type Builder/operator Ship Amount Others Notes
Avion Super-battleship Arkady Kovochuck 20
Chimera Super Carrier Arkady Kovochuck 3