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Kumano Strike Force


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We are the Kumano Strike Force, a fleet comprised of the most powerful surface ships ever to sail the pixelated seas. Our main goal is conquest, victory and basically to get what we want. I am Dr Okami Kumano, leader of this force. I wouldn't recommend trespassing into our waters... We don't tolerate unwanted guests. You may join our ranks, but if you are a traitor or a redshirt, you will be executed.

Almost all of our ships can reach 194 knots, and are crammed with rocket launchers. You don't want to run into these monsters on the ocean.

Please fill out this application if you would like to join.

  • What is your GC?
  • How many ships do you have?
  • What kind of ships do you build?
  • What will your fake name be?


  • Dr. Okami Kumano: The leader. Kumano is a rogue, deranged doctor who likes to experiment with all kinds of chemicals to try to get a reaction. He has tried many experiments over the past years, quite a few of which have failed. On one such occasion, he was trying to turn a centipede into a mini tank, which resulted in Kumano losing his right eye. He wears an eye patch now.
  • Carlos Carpathia: After a misguided early life as a pacifistic politician, Carpathia turned to his true passion; War, Power, and Carnage, and now spends his time creating graceful, refined instruments of death; at least that's how he sees them.
  • Sir Dotod: Once a high ranking admiral in a sinister evil navy, a freak accident made his former navy disappear. He has, however, found himself a new navy to stay in.
  • Tosmal Laberud: A former admiral in a unknown navy, he soon went mad after inhaling maddening gas. He recovered, but retained his insane lifestyle. His ships are slow, but what lacks in mobility makes up for firepower and protection, as his ships are very capable of slugging their way to victory.

Naval status A-1: Peace

A-2: Mild activity, increase patrols

A-3: Serious activity, mobilize forces

A-4: Full war

These are our ships. Enjoy.

Kumano's Fleet

Carpathia's Fleet
Dotod's Fleet
Tosmal's Fleet

Political Relations

Allies and Non Agression Pacts:

The Crusaders

United Armada League