Greeting Edit

We are the ones who retain honour In our fighting. We will not except bad comments, conquest without reaction, or insults. So, if you are here for any of these reasons: GET OUT OF HERE!!


The flag of this honourable navy

Right now that they're gone, welcome new member

We are the KISN: The Khoimen Imperial Shogunate Navy, though we can be known as simply the Naval Shogunate. We are an imperial force of warships that defend imperial honour and glory. Anyone is allowed to join, regardless of skill, ships and interest. We are welcome for alliances, but if we are betrayed, expect us gunning at you. Otherwise, we are a good navy who will defend the worl


1) No god-modding, racist comments

2) In the gallery, show only the lead ship, not all of them!

3) Respect everyone, regardless about how good or bad they are

4) Listen and obey your superiors

5) Only the Fleet Admiral can demote or banish members. If he is not present, then all Vice, Rear and normal Admirals must agree, unless the convicted is an Admiral himself, then he has no say in the decision, though he can prove his innocence or reasons.

6) Alliances and wars must be finalised by the shogun himself.

Application Edit

To join the navy, you need to answer these questions. Failure to do you will mean you will be rejected automatically. After you have filled a valid application, we will have a vote. If is mostly yes, then you are in.

1) What is your fake RP name?

2) What do you specialise? Eg cruisers, carriers, submarines etc

3) What do you want to do for this navy?

4) What ships do you have?

5) What is your GC name?*

6) Do you like Japanese ships?*

note Questions with asterixs are optional to answer. Not answering these will not mean you will be rejected.

Members Edit

Shogun Chen Kai: The ruler of the land, his word is final, though he doesn't talk a lot. He is a wise man who puts his people's needs before his. He rules in a castle so high, it almost touches the heavens.

Fleet Admiral Agent Kage: Chen Kai's right hand man, he took over command after Fleet Admiral Khoi Tran disappeared. Nobody knows who he is, aside a handful of scientists...

Vice Admiral Akira Mizuko: |

Alliances United Republic of North America Naval Command

Israeli Navy

Phoenician Imperium





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